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Elevate Your Speaking

Build confidence expressing your ideas in a way that is impactful

Are you struggling to communicate?

We get it!  How can you become more comfortable speaking in front of people if you don’t have a space to practice?  You don’t have to feel anxious about assuming more responsibilities and leadership roles.  You’re not alone. 

You deserve to be heard.

You have a lot to gain by joining our club.

Impactful Leader

Influential Speaker

Confident Communicator

Captivating Presenter

Valuable Employee

Helpful Teammate

A President's Distinguished Toastmasters Club

Years Established
Number of Active Participants
Number of DTMs
Served as District Leaders

We know how hard it is to become comfortable speaking in front of others.  We can help!

Join From Anywhere

We meet virtually every Tuesday at 7pm EDT.



  • Elevate your speaking workshops
  • Mentor!
  • Community
  • Impromptu speaking tips
  • Toastmasters international monthly magazine
  • Coaching! (Evaluations)
  • Access to speech contests

6 Months = $60.00
12 Months = $120.00

Joining Our Club is Easy!

So, you’ve decided you want to practice speaking, improve your communication and build leadership skills?

Follow these three easy steps and you’re on your way to becoming a confident influencer.

Step 1


Step 2

Practice Weekly

Step 3

Communicate With Confidence